Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The 3 for 1 special

Y and I headed off to the doctor again yesterday. Getting there involved one of his favorite activites- riding the NYC subway. Y entertains the whole car with a running commentary of the subway doors opening and closing.
After being told to expect the worst, we were actually done in an hour, which is record time for this doctor. Anyway, the conclusion of our little visit is that we will be adding yet another procedure to the surgery we had already scheduled for May 6.
So next Thursday, around 7 am my little boy will be put under general anesthesia, to have not one, not two, but three different procedures done. Can you tell how thrilled I am?
Two of the procedures are very quick and have basically no recovery. The ENT will remove the tubes from his ears and the ophtamologist will drain his tearducts and put in stents (which are not visible) to widen them. But then the ENT will also perform a subtotal tonsillectomy, which means he will be removing most of Y's tonsils. It is a relatively new procedure which has a shorter recovery time than a typical tonsillectomy. He will have a sore throat for 3 days and will be restricted to soft foods, and is supposed to feel back to normal within 10 days or so.
I know that these procedures are necessary and will hopefully help Y breathe easier and sleep better at night, but it is still scary. And because I go to most doctor's appointments with Y, I always am the bad guy (gal?) holding him down while the doctor does whatever he needs to do- check his ears, take blood, etc. Y isn't that verbal but if he could, I am sure he would say, "Why are you letting them do this to me??" Yesterday, when the doctor was trying to remove wax from Y's tiny ear canals so he could actually see something, Y jumped off my lap and pointed to me saying "Mommy's turn." I was thinking that if I COULD somehow have the surgery instead of him, I would. Alas I can't which leads us back to May 6. Say a little prayer for us- now and/or next Thursday.

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