Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Knitting Projects

I figured it's time to show off some recent projects.
 Here is a sweater for another new niece that I knit while my husband was stuck in Los Angeles
I love the raglan sleeves. Gender neutral colors bec we didnt know what she was having

Here is a sweater I started while he was stuck but thank G'd by the time it was finished a few weeks later, he was home. and there had been plenty more snow.

I'm not sure who I am giving this too yet, but I'm thinking gold is girly

Next up some new hats for the boys because they both decided to lose and or/ throw their hand-knit creations. I have to admit I did not invest much time in these because I know the likelihood is great that they will end up thrown out of a bus window again..yes, Y actually threw his hat out the window while riding an MTA bus. These kids never cease to amaze me.  

M's hat- blue to match his coat
Y's hat- whose coat is brown with a grey lining

Last but not least is this cute purple sweater I made...not sure for who and why I have been making so many girl's sweaters. In part it was just because I wanted to try out some patterns and these were the colors I had in my stash. So voila- a purple wrap cardigan.

As usual, I have some other projects I am planning but that is all for now. So- what do you all think?


  1. Beautiful knitting! i agree the gold is for girls- colorwise as well as the style of the sweater. the purple wrap cardigan is cool!

  2. beautiful knits! I wanted to let you know the sweater you knit for us arrived the day before yesterday, and before our baby did! Thank you so much, it's beautiful and it will totally fit. It's pretty cool to link up with women around the world with like minded passions via cybernet and then receive craftwork in the mail from them! I'm stoked.

    All my baby clothes are now washed and waiting, and your sweater is tucked in the drawer. Now to distract myself while I wait for labour....


    Take care!

  3. Thanks Melissa, I am glad it arrived in time and that you like it. Maybe, when the little muchkin arrives, you could send me a pic with him/her wearing it and I'll post it...but no rush. enjoy the last few days of pregnancy.

  4. Sure! Will do. have a good weekend!!