Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On the Potty Front

It's funny that Ellen at Love That Max has just posted about toilet training because that is a hot topic in our home these days. After many false starts and failed attempts, we (meaning me) are finally getting serious about getting Y out of pull-ups. They have been taking him to the bathroom consistently at school for the past few months and he seems to be catching on. I was kind of procrastinating because a) the thought of having to take him to the bathroom every 30 min was just too overwhelming b) I didnt think he could do it c) I didnt think I could do it! And the thought that even if we succeed there will probably be many accidents along the way and all those times we are out and he will have to go, and what if he is on the bus, or in shul, or....
But I realized that I need to get my act together. While in some weird way it is almost easier for me to keep him in diapers, it is obviously not what is best for him.
So Project Potty it is for the past 2 days. We have been pretty successful. Most times he will agree to go, others we have to convince/cajole/bribe him with stickers/videos/choclate chips. But we are getting there. If he continues to do well, I may even consider ramping it up and putting him in underwear for a trial run.
Baby M has also decided that he is ready to go to the toilet...except not really. He just sits there and doesn't make...but then he demans a sticker just like his brother. He also wants to wear pull-ups, a request I am denying simply because pull-ups are more expensive and there is no reason for him to be wearing them at this point. But I am indulging him by letting him sit on the potty as much as he wants even if it drives me crazy.
He just turned two and I dont really think he could be trained at this point but I am happy that he has awareness and knows about the potty. Another advantage to being a younger child.
This is definitely a post for mommies only...not sure who else would want to read all about toilet troubles. So I apologize if this all seems like oversharing.
Any toilet training going on in your house? Any horror stories you would like to share? Feel free to comment!

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  1. I love this post so proud of y and his efforts hes going to surprise you yet and be potty trained Litle M will follow soon enough and A is so proud of ys new adventure in toilet training Now shell have to share the toilet