Friday, February 25, 2011

Never a dull moment

Y was off from school this whole week and I felt a bit guilty for not doing anything fun with him. So this past Wednesday, I had a plan. We would take the train downtown to a new play space and hang out there all morning. I would bring snacks and lunch so we could stay for a while.
I got off to an early start and at 9 30 am I was cutting bagels to take along on our adventure, when the knife slipped in my hands and I cut into my left thumb. My husband was home and he says that I screamed and then muttered, "I cannot believe I just did this!" I could tell right away that it was a pretty deep cut, but I wasn't sure if it needed medical attention. After trying to reach our EMT neighbor, we ended up calling Hatzalah just to be safe. In the meantime, I also called a plastic surgeon we knew whose secretary told me to come right over. The EMT took one look at my finger and said- "yes, you need stitches." As I said, thankfully my husband was still home so off I went to the Upper East Side while arranging for a babysitter to come and relieve my husband who had to go to a meeting.
Four stitches and a tetanus shotl ater, at 11 30, I was back in a cab on the way home. Technically I could have still taken the boys out but this whole experience had kind of wiped me out. I spent the rest of the afternoon exhausted, letting them watch too many hours of video.
Thankfully, my cut seems to be healing nicely. It has been a bit of a challenge to keep the area dry and clean while cooking for shabbos, doing dishes and taking care of the kids but I am managing okay and am happy the injury was on my left hand.
Just another little reminder that we are not in control and we may think we are doing one thing but G'd clearly had another plan.
Have a wonderful shabbos!

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