Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny things my kids do

Before the weekend, I wanted to share some of my kids' newest and cutest shenanigans and activities:
Y continues to amaze us with his speech development daily. On Monday, he told us that he went bowling with school and demonstrated how he did it. Last night, when he was supposed to be sleeping, he put on an impromptu show for my husband and me, showing us his morning routine at school- this includes the abc's, counting and, more impressively, the days of the week and the months of the year. We were both literally  speechless when he rattled off all 12 months along with handmotions and some tune they sing it to.
Then he pretended to be his music teacher Ms. Camilo and pretended the couch cushion is a piano and sang us their introductory song.
We are so grateful that he is doing so well and really learning at school. Now if we could just toilet train him...still working on it. Some days are better, some are worse.
A was home sick from school for a day and a half this week. When I asked her how she was feeling, she told me fine and then asked how I was feeling and my husband too. When I said that he was fine, she said, "No, he sneezes a lot."
Yesterday I took her on a "date" just her and me to Barnes and Noble. We picked out some new books and enjoyed the time alone. Typical of a child, her favorite part of her whole excursion was riding the escalator- twice. Go figure.
M is his usual cute self- albeit with no impulse control and no safety awareness, which can lead to some "fun"/scary moments. Recently he has showed an affinity for knives and scissors, so we are hard at work making sure they are all locked away and out of reach. His newest motto is "I do it"- which means he wants to do everything himself- pour juice, get dressed, etc. Endearing but frustrating too.
His hair is getting longer all the time. I can't believe we have almost a year until we cut it. I had a few more moments with him this week, but unfortunately I am blanking on them all right now. Oh well. I'll just have to save them for another post next week.
Wishing everyone a good shabbos!

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  1. So gratifying to hear about Y's improvements--and loved hearing about his wealth of knowledge from school...
    Escalator-riding is a favorite here too!! My 4 1/2 yr old clamors to go to B&N JUST so he can ride the escalator!