Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The post in which I don't discuss the weather ;)

I know I haven't posted anything all week. Between the snow, ice and sleet, I have not really been going out very much so I have little to report. The exciting news of today was that I finally gave in and bought a pair of rain boots to save my poor feet from constantly being wet. I kept saying I was going to get water-proof boots and then changing my mind because I thought I did not need them. The problem was that my fashionable boots were indeed very trendy, but they were not doing their job, which is to keepi me dry. So my black rubber boots are my newest favorite item.
It is getting kind of old to complain about the weather and talk about the crazy winter we have had, so I will spare you that speech.
Some other random updates:
-Y got a cute haircut although it is very short and he looks a tad chassidic
- A is very excited to sing her pre-school song tomorrow in front of the whole school. I am not clear how this works exactly but every week some children are chosen to sing with the pre-school director. The song goes something like this: "We are the stars of Yeshiva..." I hope it goes well and she does not get all shy up there.
- M continues to say the funniest and cutest things. Among them "Mommy, come show you" when he wants me to come see something and "Mommy, put down phone" when he wants me to pay attention.
He also loves to sing and it's very funny to hear him sing his version of Uncle Moishy songs or the songs they sing at the Shabbos groups in our shul.
Everyone still/again has runny noses and I seem to have lost my voice. But that is related to the weather, which I promised I would not discuss...
What have you been up to this week?

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