Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bits and Pieces and Links

I'm feeling a bit run down now at the end of this week. I am still getting used to early wake up (6 30 or 6 45), all the bus drama (which is still going on and only becoming more aggravating) and the three hours it takes to get everyone where they need to be.
I have also been thinking a lot about safety and keeping children safe, as Y has been up to some of his usual shenanigans this past week.
Lastly, I am starting to cook for Rosh Hashana and also attempting to get into the spirit of the day more. Aside from the food, I would like to actually reflect on this past year, make amends as well as make some positive changes. But that requires some forethought and sometimes it is hard amidst all the distractions and business of everyday life to just stop and think...
So until I have formed some more coherent thoughts, I'll share with you some interesting/entertaining links

-Mama Birth, my new favorite birth blog has a great non-birth related post on solo parenting, meaning shouldering the majority of childcare. It's aptly titled Mom:Alone (ignore the quotes from the Mormon church and insert some Jewish ones instead)

-Chana Jenny Weisberg has a touching story on Jewishmom- The Orphan's Ponytail

-Lastly, the Maccabeats are back with a Rosh Hashana song. It's cute and the video is shticky as usual.

Have a wonderful restful shabbos!

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  1. Want to post some highlights from your rosh hashanna menu?

    love the blog!!!