Friday, September 16, 2011

Shabbos marathon

Today was one of those days, where I felt I was running non-stop from the moment I woke up until 1 pm! Thankfully things slowed down after that.
6 45 wake up and the rush to make A's 7: 21 bus....which we missed by about a minute. I saw it pulling away across the street but it was too late.
Back upstairs to get my challah in the oven and then down again for Y's bus at 7 40. Then up to throw in some laundry and back down to bring A to school in time via cab. Home to do more laundry and more kitchen stuff. Then off to drop M at school. He has seperated really easily, but they are still on a short schedule, so I left there at 9 45 knowing I needed to be back by 11 30.
I went to pick up some food and toiletries on the way home, then made a cake for shabbos and checked on the laundry yet again. Ran out at 10 45 to buy a class gift for A's class in honor of her birthday party. Got the game and then took the bus to M's school and got there just in time for pick-up at 11 30.
We went home to pick up my husband and then headed back to A's school for her school birthday party at 12 15. The party was really delightful and it was nice to get an inside look at her classroom, friends and teachers. My in-laws surprised A and came to the party too, which she was really excited about. We sang songs, ate cupcakes and presented the class with a gift. It was really sweet. Photos to come.
After 1 pm, things slowed down a bit. My husband took A to a class and I went to use a gift certificate my husband had gotten me for my birthday. Finally a minute to relax and breathe! Then it was back to picking up A. and running some more last minute shabbos errands. Came home to put up the cholent and get Y from the bus. Now we are up to baths and pre-shabbos dinner for the kids.
Somehow it all gets done...and thankfully I just got an email informing me that A's bustime is being moved to 7 36. Those 15 minutes will make a huge difference to our morning. And Y's busdriver told me that his route is being changed and Y will have a new driver as of Tuesday. Sooner or later we will get into a schedule though. Until then, we will just get through one day at a time. Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing shabbos

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