Monday, September 26, 2011

Rosh hashana thoughts and menus

Well the cooking marathon has definitely begun. It's funny because I remember being a lot more stressed about the cooking last year. Maybe it is because we had more guests or maybe because I know I have a bit more time to prepare now that all three are out of the house for part of the day.
It also helps to have a good list and schedule and my trusty friend the freezer. Someone asked about my menu but to be honest, I am not being particularly creative this year. Am making the standard roasted chicken and chicken soup, also roast beef, turkey and London broil, obviously not all for the same meal. Sides include potato kugel, carrot muffins, roasted vegetables and butternut squash kugel. You can email me for recipes if you would like.
I have been trying to use the extra time in the kitchen to listen to some shiurim online. I recommend which has a multitude of classes given by various teachers. For those fluent in Hebrew, Yemim Mizrachi's class is available at
Yemima mentioned that we should view all our cooking and prep as part of our spiritual preparation for Rosh Hashana, as we are trying to elevate the physical. This is something I will try to keep in mind, because there are still many hours to come, both before and on yomtov.
I am still trying to find a babysitter for Thursday so I can go to shul for a bit. I used to feel guilty for leaving the kids on yomtov to daven, wondering if this I really what Gd wants from me. But I have since decided that I do really need some time in shul to truly daven and reconnect. Not all day but a good two hours or so. Besides, if I would get a babysitter to go to yoga class or have a coffee break, why not use this resource for spiritual pursuits as well? Of course if I cannot find somebody in the next day or so, I will have to conclude that for this year, I need to be home for whatever reason on the first day and make do with the opportunity to go to shul on Friday.
Not sure if I will have a chance to post before yomtov so wishing everyone a Shana Tova and Ksiva Vchasima Tova!

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