Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The photo edition

A's birthday party in school on Friday
Proud parents with the birthday girl

Y's first day of soccer league...the uniform was too big. We have since gotten a smaller size :)

Anaelle was messing around with the camera and snapped this cute shot

Bus update- yesterday both busses came at 8 am, meaning we all stood out in the cold for half an hour. As of this morning, A's bus is coming at 7 36 and Y's bus is coming at 8 20 which is a bit too close for him to get to school by 8 30, even if he is the last stop. So basically there will be more reshuffling coming in the next few days. Maybe by October we will have our morning routine ironed out.
But I really can't complain. Once everyone finally is where they need to be, I get a few hours of quiet and a chance to get stuff done. The apartment is clean and mostly in order and I am keeping up with the laundry and with all the errands, phone calls and appointments that are necessary to keep this family afloat...for now :)

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