Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back in NYC

We arrived back in NY on Thursday afternoon after almost 20 hours of travel. There is nothing much to say about the flights except that they were long and exhausting. The kids had their moments but were pretty well behaved considering what a long haul it was. The iPad is a great tool to have on plane trips, it definitely kept the kids entertained for long stretches.
We are working on getting back on  a normal sleeping schedule. At the moment they have been going to bed earlier and waking up early. But that is to be expected. A few more days and slowly pushing their bedtime back should do the trick.
We had a quiet and uneventful shabbos back in NYC. The kids are happy to be back in their space and after unpacking and cleaning up on Friday, I also feel more settled. This week will be about getting the kids ready for school. There is not that much to do, just buying some school supplies and taking A for a haircut. And maybe getting some clothing for the upcoming fall weather.
I also wanted to share some pictures from our family photo shoot. We took pictures with all my siblings who were in Israel at the time and their children, but I am only posting some of the ones of my kids. This has definitely been the summer of photos for us, we have gotten some great shots of the kids in Israel.

We took the pictures in Yemin Moshe, which was beautiful. It was great to be outdoors because the kids were not restricted to a studio. Unfortunately that also meant we had to chase them and run after them at certain points. There were several brides there as well taking wedding pictures, so it seems this is a popular spot for photos. 

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  1. what a beautiful family have lots of nachas