Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today's special day has everyone on the street wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. Everyone is united in their appreciation for the women in their lives and random women on the street who they do not even know...for a day at least.
Alas, I did not spend Mother's Day sipping tropical drinks on a beach or being pampered in a spa. Instead I spent it doing what I do most days- mothering. This included taking all three kids to  a busy, chaotic shoe store to buy sandals for the spring/summer season, taking a subway and then train out to Long Island (that one I would not attempt alone though- my husband was there so we could divide and conquer) and going out to a playground and dealing with a very nasty accident and a lack of change of clothing. After a few hours of letting them run around at my in-laws, we had to then take three overtired children back home via the same route- train and then subway. Arriving home exhausted at 7:15, I then wrestled everyone into baths and then pajamas. We had a quick snack and then I had to convince them that it is way past their bedtime. When they finally agreed to get into bed, they were out within 30 seconds.
In other words, just another busy day.
But then again, I am grateful that everyone is healthy and well enough to make me crazy. M got his stitches out on Friday and thankfully it looks like it is healing nicely. Everyone else is okay too plus or minus some pink eye and a cough but whos counting? So just another crazy day...and hopefully many more like it.

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