Sunday, May 29, 2011

To stay or to go

We are back from another weekend away and I am ready for bed at 9pm. It's funny how we take our children on planes halfway around the world yet a 4 hour drive to Maryland (and back) can seem overwhelming.
The truth of the matter is it is always difficult to take kids out of their usual routine and schedule, whether it is a weekend away or a longer adventure. In my mind, it all comes down to the cost-benefit- analysis. Do the benefits of attending an event/taking a trip outweigh the "costs" of inconvenience, stress and being tired. I have found in most cases the answer to be yes.
Still, I do understand the parents who say it is not worth it. They would rather stick to their schedules and bedtimes than to risk all the upheaval. They say they will just wait a year or two or five and travel then, when their kids are older. Some days I don't really want to risk any changes to our routine either because it works so well and why bother. Some days I would rather go to Hippo Park for the 1012th time than find a new unknown activity.
 As an aside, today someone at the park told me that she has never been to the park at a time when I was not there. Which is something I have heard from several other people. Does that make me the mayor(ess) of Hippo Park? Is this a title I should be proud of?
So, I definitely understand the desire to hibernate and stay put and I am guilty of it myself many times. Still, what would life be like without a little bit of adventure and exhaustion thrown in?

Also, watch this video. As much as I dislike the word "special", this story truly is.


  1. I totally relate to your feelings of keeping things routine... I prefer that to having to deal with overtired/overstimulated kids, packing up, unpacking, etc etc etc...

  2. Unbelievable video. It makes you stop to think that special needs kids don't always want to be on the receiving end of chessed. They can and and in fact want to help others themselves.

  3. It was beautiful to watch Y on fri night in maryland davening in shul putting the tallis over his head and standing by the bimah His love for Yiddishkeit is evident A saying this was her favorite trip was delicious She loved having her own room in the house she stayed at for her cousins bat mitzvah She got to play with lots of dolls She usually shares a room wiyh Y The friendship video is fabulous It gives one lots of chizuk